Formerly at Credit Suisse, Edmond de Rothschild, CNBC, Bloomberg, Mostafa is an investment professional and commodities expert with over 35 years of experience in the financial and banking sectors. Over the course of his career, Mostafa has gained considerable experience in private portfolio management, particularly in the area of commodities.

1999 :  El Mostafa won the first online World Trading Championship among 6,000 competitors.
2000  : He founded and managed the first Moroccan futures hedge fund for a leading Moroccan bank.
2004  : He founded and managed a Canadian Gold Fund. The fund had over $1 billion under management. In 2006, the fund was ranked Best Commodity Fund by Bloomberg among a broad range of commodity funds.
2009 : Gold Trophy in Paris for the Best Trading indicator.
2010 : He founded and managed successfully a physical Gold fund in partnership with the Swiss bank Clariden Leu (Now Credit Suisse).
2012 : His Algorithmic Trading Suite won the Automated Trading Systems Competition in Los Angeles.
2013 : He advised Edmond de Rothschild Bank Luxembourg to design their own physical Gold fund.
2014 : El Mostafa co-initiated and created Gold Reserve System (Sukuk) (GRS), a new Gold investment concept established in Dubai. GRS is the first Gold-backed Bond, which empowers investors to invest in physical Gold through a robust and also Shari’a-compliant structure.
2015 : El Mostafa got the Islamic Finance Leader Trophy during the 2015 World Islamic Forum.
2019 : El Mostafa is launching in Marrakech the first “Artificial Intelligence Applied to Trading Center” in Africa.