About the founder

Mostafa Belkhayate - The Visionary Behind Hydrokken

Founder of HYDROKKEN
With a distinguished career spanning over 35 years in finance and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence applied to financial assets, Mostafa Belkhayate is at the forefront of innovation in sustainable energy and finance.
Belkhayate’s journey led to the conception of Hydrokken, where he seamlessly merges his profound understanding of financial markets with a clear vision for the future of sustainable energy. As a recognized leader and innovator, Belkhayate’s career highlights include his role in managing a Canadian investment fund specializing in physical gold. Under his guidance, the fund experienced significant growth, reflecting his exceptional expertise in financial management and investment strategies.
Beyond his achievements in finance, Belkhayate has made notable contributions to the global financial and social spheres. He has been sought after for consultations, offering invaluable investment advice and spearheading impactful social projects in Africa. Belkhayate’s commitment to driving positive change extends beyond the boardroom, reflecting his dedication to making a lasting impact on both financial markets and communities worldwide.