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*Please note that HYDROKKEN is not offered to anyone who/which is not a resident or citizen of (i) the United States of America and shall have no legal connection with the Laws applicable in the United States of America, or of (ii) any country which may negatively interfere with HYDROKKEN and related agreements and following consequences in particular on a legal or financial ground (especially but not limited to a politically exposed person or linked with this person; people itself or from a country who/which is subject to any sanction, restriction or prohibition of a criminal or administrative nature, by any institution of international public law, or to any such ongoing proceedings that may affect HYDROKKEN or its related actors, operators and agreements; No funds paid have been derived from any offence, fraud or concealment. No illegal or unlawful act, criminal offence or other offence has been or will be committed in connection with this transaction and its consequences – in particular from countries under currency control). See terms and Conditions in White Paper and Agreement.
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